31 January 2012

The plaid's jacket

photos by Kate Hastings
A crazy week began...So,in despite of it I feel very good. I never know,whats the chemistry lesson maybe be very funny.Physics, English, Journalism ... and all, I'm at home.Now in Russia, about -20 degrees.But we were lucky and we have in -15 degrees.Despite the cold weather, our journalism class turned out to was very warm.We drank tea and ate sweets.I would like to to be so in all our lessons.

I love plaid stuff and so it was a jacket in my closet.Under the jacket I wore a blouse with ruffles.After I bought this vest jacket by accident.Unfortunately, it is too cold and I can not wear it, but with the coming of spring, it will become number 1 in the closet.

29 January 2012


Well, I decided to delete the last post, because it was very boring and it had very little information. I have made ​​a new post with more photos.I have very little time for my blog for a different photo session.
Unfortunately, every day I sit for 8 hours in class+ I have a variety of additional lessons.But I promise that soon settled my schedule and my blog will have more new pictures. Neon shirt in the first picture by Kira Plastinina. I don't like this brand, but this shirt with funny stickers will be different in the spring. I bought it God knows where, and never wore! I still hope to wear it until I can put into it.

We have snow, you believe it? I have trouble. In Russia the New Year without snow has never been.This was the first new year without snow. It was strange. Snow fell back five days ago.So I was finally able to wear my new shoes and coats! I made them a long time, but there was no snow. They were standing around my desk waiting for the snow. But it was not. And as soon as I put them back in the box after one hour it began to snow. (Funny, is not it?) My mother and I even laughed and I was afraid to put them on, suddenly the snow melts.