20 September 2011


I got a new idea for this post while i was going to my classes German. I saw so many times that bloggers show contents of their bags.This is the one of the latter.I often notice that when I read, I listen to music simultaneously.Some of my friends think that's weird.Also my new face powder and perfume.This scent is great!They are brand new and I'm very fond of them.Well, a little bit about something new.I took a sample of Normaderm by Vichy.Anyone tried it? And nail polish. I love pastels colors , so it is not surprising that this lacquer is in my purse:)


17 September 2011


Hi Guys!. Well,It's autumn now.I love autumn just because I have birthday in the October. But this is not the main thing. In the autumn you can do so many wonderful pictures, you can come up with a lot of interesting images. Why I have not updated the blog? Started studying, and I find it hard to get used to the furious pace of life. So many things to do!But I try not to throw the blog because I have so many things to tell to you. This summer was the best ,so much has happened. I've been in a very large amount of cities and has received a lot of excitement! Should i post photos from the summer, which I did not post?I don't know. I had one very interesting meeting.Hmm... I need to think about. .In the meantime, a few photos taken today by my friend Kate. Thank you my dear: *