20 September 2011


I got a new idea for this post while i was going to my classes German. I saw so many times that bloggers show contents of their bags.This is the one of the latter.I often notice that when I read, I listen to music simultaneously.Some of my friends think that's weird.Also my new face powder and perfume.This scent is great!They are brand new and I'm very fond of them.Well, a little bit about something new.I took a sample of Normaderm by Vichy.Anyone tried it? And nail polish. I love pastels colors , so it is not surprising that this lacquer is in my purse:)



  1. Your purse is gorgeous! I love the color!! I really enjoy seeing what people carry in their bags! :]

  2. Sin pasar por alto tu post. Te pido que te sumes a mi campaña contra la anorexia y la bulimia ya que somos blogs de moda y, debemos hacer conciencia social que el arte y la moda no deberían relacionarse con estos trastornos alimenticios. Espero tu comment a favor de la salud y la moda.


    I follow u. Be my follower!

  3. privet
    kak krem vichy?????
    inete ob etom kreme kuchu otricatelnix otzevov
    a kak tebe ?????????????

  4. Ну у каждого разная кожа.
    Мне он понравился,так как жирного блеска стало меньше.
    Но если брать его с целью убрать прыщики,то не стоит выкидывать столько денег.Не поможет.
    У меня кожа чистая,но как то появилась маленькая зараза и не помогло особо)

  5. ochh! Chanel! <3

  6. hi sweety thank u for the lovely coment, i'll follow u for sure (u have a great blog:D).
    Well i used, and my sister still does, the vichy cream it's suppose to mate, exfoliate and moisturize the skin all at the same time.Besides since has a antibacterial and anti-inflammatory agents is fit for all skin types.My advice is that u only apply it to the problematic / oily areas or u may end up with dry skin :S But for me & my sister it did the trick ;) Give it a go i would say :) see if it works with u
    Beijinhos*** (hope i helped)

  7. * sorry i only saw it now is not for all skin types, but for all types of acne* sorry