23 November 2011

Architecture of Cannes

What  do we  know about Cannes? Well, besides the Cannes Film Festival? I think we know so much. I like this city. Not the streets with luxury hotels and expensive boutiques,I like what is hidden inside the city. These narrow streets. They have something special. What is difficult to convey in words. I love these streets. As if they have some sort of secret and they share it with you.

Generally, in such cities must go not only to the world famous streets. It is necessary to know the city just wandering through it, go to the very depths. Then you're confidence to can say that you know this city.

(Photos by me)


  1. i haven't been on your blog in a while, but after seeing these pictures, i remember why this blog is one of my favourites!!!
    you're so lucky to be able to travel so much :-)


  2. i would love to go to cannes! it seems like such a beautiful city with so much to do! i love your blog very much - you have such nice taste! and i agree about Twilight, I like the books much better than the movies. Following you! =)

    xoxo - christina


  3. Daisy Chein

    I'm really happy hear that, my dear♥