29 August 2012


I really didn't do posts about the details a long time. I left some pictures from the trip special for this post. I want to say that I have not shown you all the photos (for example from Rome and other cities.) Maybe you'll see them in September. I really miss this summer walks along the narrow streets. Yes, narrow streets that's my weakness. I miss the warm weather and nice conversation, during an evening stroll. I think I will return. Because I did not see Rome. We were there for several hours and I walked around the city well.

Давно я не делала посты о Деталях. Я оставила некоторые фотографии с поездки специально для этого поста. Я показала вам не все фотографии с поездки (С Рима например и других городов). Может быть, вы увидите их в сентябре. Я действительно скучаю по этим летним прогулкам по узким улицам. Да,узкие улочки это моя слабость. Я скучаю по теплой погоде и милых разговорах,во время вечерних прогулок. Я думаю,что я еще вернусь.

This nice Pinocchio we met when we were in Florence. They are very much there. They are very cute.

I love pizza! Every day we ate it. It is a paradise for me. But when we arrived, I had to eat less :) Photo from San Marino.

Jelly sweets on the beach yum yum.

These funny t-shirts were in Verona. We decided to buy the same shirt with my friend.

Watermelon! After long walks we came to the sea in the evening. The sea and the beautiful watermelon. What might be better?

When I was in Vienna a few years ago, I tasted this lovely cake "Mozart". I really like it. And when I was at this time I went to this lovely cafe. Next time I will go there too.

I don't like juices from packages. I prefer fresh. But the juice is just  great!

Pizza in Verona. Very tasty!

Fruits are everywhere!

I can't forget the Cathedral of St. Peter. Awesome!

A similar "flowers" are in Monaco. Very nice.

Cute dolphins in Oltremare.

I already said that I love the narrow streets. The one you see, is in Verona. I fell in love with her!

Strange chewing gum :)

In Oltremare.

After a long and a quick walk to Rome we had pizza. Oh yes, suddenly :) I had breakfast at 8 am, and it was already 4:00! So I was able to eating a six pieces! Oh, this is crazy.

On the last day in Italy, we decided tasted the Florentine steak. Very tasty! Although I don't like steak with blood.

Sea, sun and magazine.

The last day on the Tyrrhenian Sea.


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