04 February 2012

Curly hair

Weekend no rest-This is about me.I have to prepare for the scientific project work on English.The conference will be on Monday.I'm very excited, even though all the work already done.But in spite of the different things that I need to get done, I found a little time for Saturday's pleasant things: face masks, hair masks and 100 Gossip Girl episode!Oh, my God, it's a great series!I really liked the marriage: a very gentle and elegant.But I was very upset with choice Blair. I'm really hoping that she will choose Chuck ... But let's hope that they will still be together.

Actually, I have curly  naturally hair.When I was a child, my hair was very very curly.Now they aren't  as curly as they were in childhood (after all the rectifiers and other things).But recently, I stopped to "fight" with the curls and down with it.The photographs that you see, I'm just a little bit of corrected   form of rollers.