18 February 2012


Sorry guys, that I hadn't updated my blog. I was ill.A week in bed and a couple of days ago came back to life.Over the last week I  read books, draw, watch movies and take photos-these things that in real life I don't have time to do it.On Thursday, I went back to school.

I have so many of work. The different competitions and more. I am very excited and want to do their job very well. So I need a little time is not online. But not for long. I'm finishing touches all of the projects remained to protect them. I think I will renting to a higher rating! Good luck  you too;)

Tea and book-best friends when you sick.
So many good movies!
The next hand cream. 
 Lovely lights
I love listen to "21"
 I loove white flowers.
A few photos from "MERRY HOURS OF MATHEMATICS" in Junior Class

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  1. This is my perfum... and Lola by Marc Jacobs too. One perfum is like a good dress!