01 February 2012

The frosty morning

Lazy wednesday morning I spend my free time at home. Outside the window thermometer shows -18 degrees.When woke up, the sun  shone in my eyes and I didn't wont out of a warm bed.The breakfast ... sweet, oh yeah. Hi allergies!Hot fruit's tea and  book- the best winter morning.I decided to start read Harry Potter."The philosopher's stone" is  lieing in my bed now.I don't want to go out in a cold very much,but I'm must going to class in the evening.

 Have a nice week xoxox


  1. Like your blog too!
    Nice posts!
    Yeah I follow you! Thanks for follow me. :)

  2. hi babe!!!
    nice blog!
    i´m following you too now!
    -18 degrees? OMG!!!!

  3. here the weather is the same, cold and I love it :).

  4. hello.. thanks for such sweet coment in my blog...
    folowing u for sure. ;)
    kisses from Brazil.
    xoxo, Bruna

  5. wow, nice blog too!
    and thanks for your follow,now I follow you too!
    And I'm very interessted in the posts which will come.